Watch this 5 minute video on how

I use the ‘Confident Conversations Code’

to convert high ticket

offers in under 30 mins

I’ve sold $1.5m of my own offers.

My clients have sold $6m+

Come inside and swipe the conversations

I use and install them into your business.

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Come behind the scenes as I reveal the step by step conversations I use to convert high ticket sales.

First, the truth..

The results I’m sharing with are not typical.

I have the benefit of over 20 years practice in sales. The system inside is a product of that experience.

The average person who consumes or buys ‘how to’ info gets little to no results.

The real world examples I will send you are from real work.

Your own results will depend on your experience and work ethic.

All business entails risk, action, consistent effort.  

If you’re looking for ‘another magic wand, funnel or get rich quick’ DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO OR JOIN MY CREW.

Nothing I give you is ‘easy’. In fact you will most likely already know it.

With that said..it's most likely that you aren't actioning it and trying again...And again.

What You’re Getting..

This is drastically different from anything you've ever seen because I literally let you swipe the things I've used and use on a daily basis.

I don't use strategies that don't work. That would be strange, especially as I call myself a sales coach!

I show you the things I do, myself or with my clients, then occasionally make invites for you to get hold of the strategy and get my help implementing it.

At this point,

Most business coaches trot out a rags to riches story.

I don’t have one sorry.

In fact I have the opposite! I fell for the social media highlight reels that in 6 weeks I would make 6 figures.

Just create a 4 part video series, get up at 5am, jump in an ice bath and Paypal goes ping ping!

Hmmmm not true. In fact I made $3k in my first year, $30,000 and then it took another year to generate $100,000k in revenue. And THEN actually pay myself my old salary.

And now I consistently pay myself a 6 figure salary....For the past 4 years now.

These are the real results in business. And I only got there because of the sales skills and training I had as a restaurant owner...Would you like fries with that?

What I had worked out with all the fancy sales funnels and automation flying around was the lack of conversations. And when I talked with someone....I converted them with more ease and integrity.

What I know to be true is that you are only ONE conversation away from your next sale.

Today I live in NZ on the Hibiscus Coast with my husband and two daughters. I don’t work crazy hours and wake up every morning knowing how to generate sales in my business. I still work hard but I do it on my terms. Because I have a sales system.

Listen. Most people as people love to complicate sales.

But it’s actually ridiculously simple.

Here it is: 

Step 1: Find a problem to solve. 

Step 2: Ask for the sale.

Everybody knows the first step is easy. There are literally millions of problems to solve.

How do you get people to pay you the money to work with you?

How do you do this while feeling GOOD about it and done with the utmost integrity?

How do you ask for the sale without feeling like a pushy sleaze ball?

That’s what The 5 Figure Foundation and my other Systems do.

And I detail every step inside.

Lot's of people skip straight to the bottom to find out how much something is and what's the deal... I'm offering you a FREE video on how I use the Confident Conversations Code to convert high ticket offers in under 30 mins.

I'm also inviting you to join my private crew and 'swipe' the systems I have used to generate my income.

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