This is your personal invitation to join me and my clients to....


An event for established female biz owners who want to

BE the best in their industry.

I am on the hunt to gather a group of women who enjoy the feeling of winning. They have a trail of success behind them and they selflessly lead & inspire others.

11th March 2024

In Person Conference

North Shore Golf Club

10.00 am to approx 4.30pm

Only $297 NZD

*Only 8 Tickets left as at 20th Feb

It's For You If.....

You feel like you have got the wobbles. Come unstuck (seemingly out of nowhere!) your light is dimming, your message is diluted and your WHY has become weak.

Perhaps you are also experiencing:

♥️You have hit a plateau

♥️Bored AF with biz right now

♥️Feel like something is STILL missing

♥️2024 hasn’t started how you had hoped and

♥️You can’t shake that MEH feeling.

My Promise To you.....

You are currently at a very EXCITING part of your biz journey.

Enter The Paradox.

Even though you feel those things above you also want:

⭐To continue growing your biz!

⭐To go to the next stage in biz and make an impact!

⭐You want your biz to be GOLD class and 5 star!

⭐You want to be the best in your industry!

The Solution?

Being guided by a biz owner who has been there too. Normalising where you are at is normal and 100% bloody exciting….even though it feels the opposite.

Being in a room of like-minded high achievers. Where you don't have to hide your aspirations but also feeling safe that they are enough.

What we will do on the day?

🗒️Leave on the day with a refined, refreshed and reactivated

biz blueprint for quarter two.

🗒️First part of the day we will karate chop those limiting beliefs and

activate your confidence. Think of it as a seasonal declutter!

🗒️Then moving into simple biz tools to

activate your expertise.

. Tools that I personally use to keep my saw sharpened. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, let's see what your current evidence shows us.

🗒️Finishing up with activating your personal simplicity.

. Running a biz of simplicity can move faster. With more ease you create from a different space.

A powerful one. One that will make more of an impact. On your life, those around you and on a bigger level.

All of this activation is going to increase your output and at the end of the day impact NOT just your bottom line. But impact how you show up and ripple the world.

Food & Beverage?

You bet your ass I will be looking out for you!

Tea and coffee, morning tea plus platters for lunch!

I invite you to ACTIVATE

Welcome to knowing you are here for more but playing small.

⚡ACTIVATE your confidence

⚡ACTIVATE your simplicity

⚡ACTIVATE your expertise.